Millions of people all over the globe are denied access to clean, safe and potable water because of a lack of financial resources. Stepping Up Water provides a plan and portfolio of innovative solutions that help individuals living in impoverished conditions overcome the economic obstacles that prevent them from having access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

Our one-of-a-kind solutions are motivated by market trends and economic demands and tailored to our main countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas where we operate. In cooperation with our collaborators, we are creating more effective, scalable, advanced technologies and using finance as a tool to assist less fortunate and impoverished people to get to use and drink clean water under sanitary and safe conditions. We have more than a few decades of combined expertise and knowledge to draw on.

The Shoe Man Water – Clean H2O Initiative

Our CleanH2O Initiative is the cornerstone of our strategy. We collaborate with international financial organizations and partners to help them expand their loan portfolios to include loans as viable solutions.

These partners then organize funds from the financial markets to offer cheap loans to individuals who desperately need access to water resources. These said loans are used by those who are living in poverty to install faucets or water closets in their houses. Every loan that is returned provides another family with the chance to get the clean water fixtures and bathroom appliances that they need quickly and cheaply. As a result of this approach, it is now feasible to assist more individuals in methods that will endure a long time.

Our approach, which relies on access to cheap finance, successfully brings clean, safe, and potable water to people across the globe. Our years of expertise and experience led us to the conclusion that hundreds of communities were paying exorbitant amounts for water from merchants or gathering water from potentially hazardous natural water forms and sources. Families will pay the price in terms of time, safety, money, opportunity, and health if they choose either choice.

Solution Towards Change

Financing such an initiative makes sense for a large number of individuals. Small, inexpensive loans provide households the opportunity to buy long-term clean, safe, and potable water solutions that meet their immediate needs while also proving to be less expensive in the long run than simply paying for interim measures.

In the opinion of Stepping Up Water, the most essential hurdle to surmount in order to address the world’s scarcity of water is ultimately access to money. Water and cleanliness funding has grown in importance to us, so we’ve expanded our efforts and linked up with others to assist even more individuals who really need it.