Our advocacy and movement on providing clean water and sanitary solutions to people all around the globe are making a difference.

Over 38 million humans across the globe can safely turn on a tap and use a toilet today, thanks to modest, inexpensive loans that enabled them to access clean water and sanitary solutions at their place of residence.

We maintain our work in our partner countries across the globe; we recognize the lives that have been changed while also acknowledging that there is much more work to be done. In pursuit of our goal of clean water and sanitary solutions for everyone, we begin to scale our impact and explore other financial strategies to contribute to the abolition of the world’s water scarcity.

We encourage our members to discover more about the communities we empower and the lives they lead, the places where we operate, the solutions that are driving our impact, and the scope of the global water problem to understand how your support can make a difference in people’s lives.

Our products enable individuals to get clean drinking water in their own homes by removing financial obstacles.

Millions of people all over the globe are denied access to clean drinking water and sanitary solutions because of a lack of financial resources. Shoe Man Water Org. provides a portfolio of innovative solutions that help impoverished community members overcome the financial obstacles that prevent them from having access to clean drinking water and sanitary solutions.

Our solutions are proving to be effective! According to our estimates, over half of our entire effect – 20 million individuals — has been accomplished alone in the last three years.

We aim to increase the number of collaborations to expedite access

Our team collaborates with partners from various industries, such as water and sanitary solutions, including financial services, and other international organizations and development agencies to increase access to affordable finance for water and sanitary solutions projects. We help organizations create and scale successful solutions by providing technical support, sharing best practices, and collaborating with stakeholders.